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Installation information

I had to gleem the installation information from YouTube. Some people gave bad info as well. It was a wild goose chase for info.I spent way more time on reserch than the install it's self. A clear wiring diagram would have helped. It was so small I had a hard time seeing it.

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Hello Anthony,

Feel Free to create a ticket or call us directly with any questions you may have with the unit and installation. We always do recommend having our unit professionally installed if you have any issues with your vehicle.

Installation is no problem..everything hooked up correctly but I have no sound.  All I need to know is do you have to have a special adapter or something to make the speakers work in 2002 ford truck


Phillip, a stereo is not a complicated piece of equipment to install. You do need to know what wires from the BOSS unit goes to which wires on the vehicle though. The latter is easy to determine from the vehicle's wiring diagram. The same info is almost non-existent from BOSS though. What the heck is "P. Cont"? Turns out it controls the power to a separate amplifier. How does one figure that out from "P. Cont"? This is just one example of how useless your info is. A professional does not need to install these things; you just need to tell us what's coming out of your units.

P. Cont usually stands for power amp control. Now, there is a good chance your speakers are powered by a oem amplifier that is hidden. Would explain the no sound. Disclaimer: I'm not an employee, and I'm providing suggestion, if you choose to follow, it's at your own choice and I'm not liable. Grab a double a battery. Put a red wire lead on the positive and a black on the negative. Tape with electrical tape. Now, go to your harness at the deck and with the deck unplugged pick a speaker wire set and touch the red to the positive, black to the speaker negative. You should hear static come out of said speaker. If not, you have a oem amp. ( This should be foone with NO key in the ignition also) You either use p.cont on head until to turn on, find an ignition signal to turn on the oem amp, get an amp bypass harness (best) or rewire the speakers (time consuming and a headache). If you can get a oem amp bypass, go for it. It'll make life easier.
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