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I had to gleem the installation information from YouTube. Some people gave bad info as well. It was a wild goose chase for info.I spent way more time on reserch than the install it's self. A clear wiring diagram would have helped. It was so small I had a hard time seeing it.

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Hello Anthony,

Feel Free to create a ticket or call us directly with any questions you may have with the unit and installation. We always do recommend having our unit professionally installed if you have any issues with your vehicle.


Hello Anthony,

Feel Free to create a ticket or call us directly with any questions you may have with the unit and installation. We always do recommend having our unit professionally installed if you have any issues with your vehicle.

How about just including some wiring diagrams in your user manuals so we, the consumors, don't have to waste our precious time calling or creating tickets that take several days to get a response on....that seems like the best answer to me...most of us with good sense don't need to throw away money on a professional install we just need the wiring diagrams and a little bit of technical info so we can hook the damn things up ourselves

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Bought the Boss BV9976B with the backup camera from Amazon. Hooked everything up and unit does not display when in reverse. Camera red wire connected to reverse power wire, black wire grounded, and the yellow AV wire connected to unit AV wire labeled Rear Camera Input. Am I missing something on why it doesn't work?


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First you can double check your AV connections at the camera and at the stereo and make sure they are snug and didn't come loose... then I will check my settings on the stereo for the backup camera... I'm not familiar with this stereo so I can't tell you how to navigate it but I would get on there and look around for something relative to the camera settings for the camera. I would also get an electrical tester... Making sure it is switched to DC voltage... And I would test the wire that you are connecting to power the camera from reverse light... You might have to get someone to help you so they can get in the car and put it in reverse while you test the wire... it could be a fuse possibly maybe reverse lights weren't coming on
Where did you ground the black wire? It should be grounded with the ground from the reverse light try that
Need help finding where the two wires go from back say parking brake yellow mine don't work and reverse gear wire purple go ? Maybe to the camera? Help me please.
My radio is BV 9980 NV.
Hey anyone tried to install bv9976b?Ours is not giving sub signal. Please help.
Trying to install a bvml9365.  No sound so obviously not hooked right.  could sure use a wire diagram or something to tell my install to identify the right radio.


Same comment as most of  the others - just include a clear wiring diagram.  It's not rocket science!  What kind of company can't figure out to do that???  Ridiculous to tell us to call for help or submit a ticket.  Just give us a simple drawing.

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Anyone know what the E1 Learning-SWC-GND, E2 Learning-SWC-Key1, E3 Learning-SWC-Key2 wires
are for? This is on unit P9640B.


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Maybe for the steering wheel switches for phone.  Remember, you can always fill out a helpdesk request to their fine tech support team to get a canned response, or call during convenient hours and ask them directly.  Too bad they don't include clear instructions or a wiring diagram with their products!

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I bought the Planet Audio p9640B because the Clarion CX505 I bought first required so many more harnesses, wiring, adapters, etc. that it would have added another $132 to the cost, (according to Crutchfield), and the installation instructions/wiring diagram were a joke.  When I checked out the p9640B, it appeared to include more connections and had more inputs on the back.  Now that I have it, I'm only slightly less confused with the installation instructions.  I'm not a professional audio technician, but neither am I a moron.  As has been noted above, actual installation instructions and a real wiring schematic would be all anyone would need.  Even if you wanted to save the cost of including the written instructions with the radio, give us a web address so we could download and print them. All I really wanted to do was replace the broken CD player on my wife's 2009 Camry, but I figured it would be nice to give her hands free Bluetooth, a back-up camera, USB input, etc. at the same time.  I had no idea how much wasted time and frustration were ahead of me.  I guess I'll call technical support, because I have too many questions to get them answered here.

Thanks for letting me vent.

I bought a Planet Audio P9640B because it looked like the installation would be less complicated than the Clarion CX505 I ordered first.  Now that I have it, I'm only slightly less confused.  Why don't these manufacturers include real, step-by-step instructions and a comprehensive wire schematic.  I'm not a professional audio technician, but neither am I a complete moron.  I have searched all over the internet, You Tube, etc., and though I have found several videos that show me how to access the radio in my 2009 Camry, I haven't found a single one that shows me how to install an aftermarket unit. Do car stereo installers give a kickback to the manufactures so they'll hold back on clear, concise installation instructions?  For instance, included in the box with the P9640B are two things that look like bottle openers and are described as "keys".  I have no idea what they are for and admittedly, I haven't yet read the operation instructions carefully, I haven't been able to find where they are explained.  I guess I'm going to have to call tech support and take my chances.  I just can't believe they would rather pay help desk people than give us real instructions.

Thank you for letting me vent.

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