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My BV9579BD turn on for 1 second (Spanish and English text)


Tengo un BV9759BD que conecte a un Toyota Altezza 2002. Cuando lo conectamos,

la pantalla prende y solo dura 1 segundo. Probe todos mis cables y conexiones y marcan bien.

Necesito si alguien ha tenido una experiencia con algo parecido, me deje saber y pueda adelantar esta parte.


-------------ENGLISH VERSION------------


I  got a BV9759BD that i got connected in a Toyota Altezza 2002. When i plug the radio, the screen turn on (blue led) and it turn off after 1 second. I test all my cable and the test is positive.

I wanna know if someone was having a experience like this, to let me know and i could do something to put it to work.


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It seems like your 12V Memory is  either, 1- not hooked up or 2- not receiving 12V.


I tested it all the VDC connections and these are good. I got doubts: 1. Remove the 2 Screws before Installation: I didnt remove it yet but this is only for the cd/dvd player right? 2. About the adapter. I see in this page a ISO info about the place of the wire and they show me the PIN #4 Yellow Color, PIN#5 Blue Stripe, PIN#7 Red Color, PIN#8, Ground, etc but im my adapter i got the red, black and yellow in the middle (PIN 4, 5 and 6). Its ok like this? Anyway i put it my Car VDC connections to see but its denied anyway. Let me know if you got some info about it. Thanks Elvin Gomez
Hey Raul, Got It! I left the parking (-) cable (green color) out in the test all the time and now i putted and its working finally. Definitely is important connect every cable in the right position ( positive or negative) to move forward without mistakes. Thanks for the support guys! Greetings
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