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Nyne Bass Auto Power Off

 Just received my Nyne Base and am generally happy with it with the exception of one issue: The unit automatically powers off after about 10 minutes of usage, whether connected to a power source or running on battery. This is NOT after 10 minutes of being on but not used, after 10 minutes of streaming content continuously. Anyone else have this issue? If seems like a battery management function, as if it's turning off thinking it's not in use.  I have opened a help ticket but have not heard back yet (only been 24 hours).


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Have you received a response from support yet? I am experiencing the same issue with the speaker attached to my Smart TV.
Nope, I've heard nothing other than a robo-reply to my user account set up. Still acting up at this time (just turned off 30 seconds ago after being on for 10-15 minutes).


I received this response: 

Press and Hold the Power and Phone Icon button for 10 Seconds.

Once you have done that recharge the speaker until you see the Green LED indicating that the speaker is fully charged. Then press the power button this should fix the issue.

So far, so good!

i have a problem , and I am not sure if what you have mentioned above wil fiix this or not , the problem that the speaker is not working for a long time, you can say 30 mins Max and when I am charging it , there is no any green colour is appearing even if I left it on charge for long time , only flashing white


@Ahmed Islam, our problems are different. You should probably open a support ticket with the company. Best of luck to you. 

 Thanks .. I did with no Reply since a week ago :(

Thought you can help ,e

@SDGTYS thanks for posting, I tried your recommendation and it has not helped my problem. Still powering off automatically after 15-20 minutes of use. I tried holding the two buttons down both while powered on and off, with charge light green in both cases, no joy. Sounds like it's working for you though. I may just send mine back and exchange it, see if that does the trick.


I did finally hear from customer support but their recommendation was to return the unit. I had, by then, already begun that process. Shipped the old unit back to Amazon and ordered a replacement which I've now been using with no problem for two days. Keeping my fingers crossed.


I had a similar problem, first  the unit  work fine the firts 3 or 4 times I used it - I only use it on weekends-  then, it was working only with power only, suddenly stop working . the green power light is on but no sound. I got a ticket to return it but shipping cost is almost $100 dollars. NYNE will send new unit but I will have to incur in this expense for a brand new unit.

That's too bad. I was sent a replacement at no cost and that unit has worked well for nearly a year now
Will not charge .... only white flashing light Will work while connected to charging unit though .....???????
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