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can I purchase a wiring harness for a BV9967B?

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I need a wire harness (video and RCA outs) for a bv9980nv Where can I buy it?

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My purchase from amazon
(5.89 MB)

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I see several questions, but not one answer??? BOSS YOU AWAKE? I Really need this harness. Please

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I'm needing rca harness for my boss unit bv9382nv. Remote too. Anywhere in metroplex u could puy

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i need the 18 pin white plug harness for a bv9384nv boss radio


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I need to buy wired power harness for my Planet Audio PI9760 In-dash, single-din DVD/MP3/CD/

AM/FM Receiver with 7"Widescreen Touchscreen Digital TFT Monitor.

Any suggestions where I can buy it please.

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This is where we should go for warranty and parts :)

Hope this helps

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I need to buy a few small mounting kit For A Boss AUBC40 control,, that one that come with in the box please!
I need a new touch screen for BV9559, Where can i get one.

Recently purchased a marine audio system, MCK1308WB.6, what information required to register it for warranty protection?

Where can I purchase the 18 pin plug & 14 pin plug for my BV9867B flip out tv/cd/radio? Or can I fabricate one?

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