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Wiring harness

Need wiring harnesses for BV99821

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What does the blue wire that says audio antenna b+ hook to? Got the antenna wire that came with the unit plugged in but won't pick up any fm stations. Picks up am pulled the bike outside the garage but still no fm stations.

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 my audio 508uab I bought from amazon didn't come with a harness. can I buy one here

Where can I buy the pin connectors for the back of the car stereo my dog chew both of them up and neither one of them are any good and I can't find them to buy anywhere I think the power one is a 16 pin and the RCA one is a 14 pin I believe

 Hello Timothy.baker20,

I can create a Sales Order, but to cover the cost of the part we require the following:

 Your full name Shipping address Proof of purchase (Receipt or Confirmation Email) Provide a picture of the actual part, or where the part connects to ensure we provide the correct replacement.

Once you provide the listed information, I will send you an email with the completed sales order.

*Under the Manufactures Warranty you are entitled to a one-time warranty replacement .*

Francisco Ramos

Technical Support Agent

Technical Services Department

BOSS International Group

I need a wire harness for a planet audio P9759B
Where can I get a wire harness for a P9759B
I have a bv7330, how do the brown and green rearview wires work? Will one of them provide 12 volts positive power to my rearview camera when in video mode?
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