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MCBK500 radio reception

 Is there anyway to improve the reception of this product? It's horrible

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I have the same problem. what part of the radio is considered the antenna.

Every six months for 18 months now, this problem has shown its ugly head? All is the same as the above 2 gentle persons. MC500 and 1 of its problem is the tuning. Cannot adjust station selections by the .1 to .9 of the radio stations (102.1 or 102.5 only whole numbers last I checked radio station use the decimal in frequencies)  It scans for stations and say it finds 102.5 it will stop at 102 and only slight fuzz noise. It does this with all of my areas radio stations. Also the power button has to be held in and pressing the mode switch, and the USB does not recognize my brand new Verbatim gig stick of 15gb. Any ideas on this yet?

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