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12 Volt DC - Creating external power

OK - I have the ATVB69 which is great but since it is also designed for portable use (at least I thought???), I am trying to figure out how to set up with 12 Volt DC Power Supply??

1.  I don't see a specific connector on the unit??? so what do I plug my wall unit into?

2.  Is there a specific 12 volt plug or will any do??

Here is what I received from tech support.........

"The Atv unit operates with 12VDC. Where ever you decide to use our ATV units, you will need to use a 12VDC power supply or 12VDC Battery. If you would like to use this inside your home, you will need to use an AC to DC Power Supply."

Thanks in advance for your response and your help.

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Connecting the boss marine audio system. Red is power but we have no power to radio. The wiring instructions are less than adequate. Please provide wiring schematic for this system. Thank you

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