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Why doesn't this unit show when searching the products list? Just bought it from what was supposed to be an authorized dealer. Please tell me  it isn't an old or discontinued unit. Paid way too much for it for that to be the case. Having issues getting DVD player to allow me to view DVD because of parking brake issue and won't see my wireless rear view camera. Can anyone help with these issues?

I am considering buying this unit to install on my 2014 Ram 1500.  I have three questions:

1. Regarding the Nav/GPS function; can I acquire future updates to the mapping system, if so, how?

2. Regarding the GPS antennae; can it be installed inside the cab under the dash near the front window?

3. My truck has a rearview camera that shows tricolor rails, red, yellow, green, to indicate how close the rear of the truck is to objects behind the truck.  They also bend with the position of the front wheels to indicate track if backing up.  Will this features be retained with your unit?  

I installed my GPS antenna just behind the rearview mirror and works fine.

Also my Pyle rearview camera works fine.

The reverse wire must be connected to the reverse 12 volts positive when in

reverse gear.

I did not connect the BRAKE wire as I have no intention of watching dvds.

I installed BV9384NV so far working good, but on the DVD no screen show up. eventhough I hook up parking brake .

what possibly is wrong?

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