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BV9386NV with factory backup cam

Just replaced my factory stereo on my Nissan Rogue with a BV9386NV. Everything is great except I'm missing the grid lines for my backup cam. Was hoping this system had a feature to enable the overlay from my factory backup camera video feed.

Make sure to connect the reverse 12 volts positive to the wire marked

REVERSE and it must provide 12 volts positive when the vehicle is put into


Also the video output from the Camera must be securely connected

to the CAMERA wire on the VIDEO in/out Harness.

My Video connector was slightly damaged and did not make a

good contact.

I need some help on this issue as well.  I have a 2009 Nissan Rogue. I have the Boss BV9386NV (V2) model that has the (A/V plugs, etc. on separate plug and the power and other wires on a plug as well. I say this because the first version had the rear camera on the back of the camera and not part of the AV plus and never had issues out of it.  Now that I have the V2 model I am trying to hook up my Pyle Backup camera purchased from Amazon.  I have hooked the positive wire to the reverse line on the radio, the black to the ground and to the brake wire on the radio and the reverse still does not change over when you have the radio or anything on and put it in reverse.  The wires are hooked in to the backup lights on the back of the car.  Now if I take the AC line and attach it to the camera positive line I get 12 volts of power and the camera will come on but I have to switch it over to camera and the reverse trigger still is not working.  I am guessing that even though the backup lights do work something is keeping the 12 volts from reaching the radio and triggering the reverse option.  Hoping this is a wiring issue and not a plug or bad radio issue.  Any help or advice would help out.



Hi Lee,  are the positive wire for your camera and reverse wire on your stereo hooked up to the backup light of the vehicle?  The 12v positive voltage from the backup light should be powering your camera and sending the signal to your stereo to switch to rear view camera mode via the stereo's reverse wire. From what you're describing by hooking up the positive wire to the reverse wire on the stereo, your stereo would be in constant backup camera view.  You only want 12v at the stereo reverse wire when you want the backup camera to kick in such as whey your car is backing up (back up light on).  If you have a multimeter to test check that you are getting 12v at the stereo's reverse wire when your car is in reverse.  You can test by turning your key to the on position but not started and slide the gear selector from park to reverse.  You should be getting 0v at the stereo's reverse wire when in park and 12v when shifted to reverse.  If you are only see either constant 0v or 12v regardless of the gear position you have the wrong wire hooked up to the stereo's reverse wire.


I have everything working properly, no issues with my installation.  What I'm requesting for in my comment is for BOSS Audio to add additional feature for their back up camera video feed to overlay the parking guidance lines.  In my instance I'm using the Nissan factory backup camera with my BOSS stereo and am missing the parking guidelines that were on the factory stereo.  Some aftermarket stereos have the option to enable or disable the guidelines as well as some aftermarket cameras have this feature built in.  In order for me to have this feature with my current setup (BOSS stereo with factory camera) I would either need to replace the stereo or factory backup camera.  If BOSS was able to include this feature as a firmware update to the stereo I wouldn't need to change my setup.

OK just a question for you guys if anyone is online and able to help, now the backup camera reverse and the radio reverse line are both tied into the reverse light on the vehicle.  The camera will work if I place the menu in the camera when backing up but it still will not "switch" over from the radio to camera and back or anything like that. I was reading online about another issue because i do not have the brake wire hooked into anything or grounded and it states if you do that you can watch videos and pics, which currently I can not, so just a thought do you guys have the brake wire grounded, hooked up to something or did you guys leave it unconnected, just thinking maybe that could be the reason the trigger is not working as well as the movies and videos. Just let me know guys. Also anyone had any expereince with the wireless steering wheel controls sold on Amazon and Ebay, my car doesnt have them on the wheel so bought this to use but cant seem to get it to program any function.

My brake wire is grounded. You can permanently ground the brake wire or hook it up to a switch so that you can enable/disable the video feature when driving, although this should not affect your backup camera operation. I think the fault lies between the connection from reverse light to the reverse wire on your stereo on the stereo side. If you have a meter check if you have 12v on this wire when in reverse. I have not had any experience with steering wheel controls. Sorry can't help here.
It is getting the 12V just a question are u using V2 or V1 of the BV9386NV?  I am asking because Boss sent me the V2 when they could not locate any V1 systems and said something about having issues with them. And ever since they sent the V2 everything works but the reverse trigger and the videos, movies and I never had an issue with the backup camera on V1.


I not sure which version I have sorry. Not home at the moment to check. I'll post a response when I can confirm.

Lee Garner I have the BV9384NV and it works fine and there is a separate

CAMERA input on the Video Harness.

You mention that the Reverse wires for Camera and Stereo are tied to the Reverse

light. I used the reverse 12 volt from the revers Lamps at the Rear for Camera and the Reverse12 volts for the Stereo from the front vehicle harness wiring.

You might have an issue with some kind of REVERSE switching issue example 12 Volts

going through a relay or a Electronic switching device (you know how the Vehicle

industry is going through a rapid Digitizing cycle depending on the Manufacturer).

If that is the case then your Stereo may not be able to RECOGNIZE the 12 volt Reverse

Signal fast enough to change to Reverse screen and back once the Reverse 12 is gone.

Not a 100% sure at all what is going on with it, just find it odd the V1 of the BV9386NV I never had an issue out of the reverse camera working right,its just the V2


OK can you guys send me an image of what wire you tapped into to get the backup camera to work? I need to know what wire and what it looks like because the wire i have it hooked to does load the backup cam but only when you select the icon, and i did test the power going to the wire and it isnt even reading a volt more or less 12v so i need to know what wire and if any of you could provide an image of said wire you were able to get to work.


Just curious I was looking at the V2 user manual, and there is a setting in settings->general for reverse trigger on/off. Can you check to see if this is set to on? Everything from what you are describing sounds like it's hooked up correctly.
yep already done that on this one and the replacement one Boss sent out and the trigger is still not working that is why i was asking about pics of the wires you guys connected to for the reverse camera


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