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BV9976 Backup Camera Installation

The purple "Reverse" wire on the wiring harness. What does it hook up to? If I switch the mode to "Camera" and put the car in reverse the camera works. However, If I am in any other mode and put the car in reverse, nothing happens. No Camera! When the car is placed in reverse the camera should automatically come on. Right now I don't have the purple wire hooked to anything. There were no instructions telling me what to hook it up to. I'm thinking this is the problem. Can anybody enlighten me? 

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  • I have the same problem, is there any solution?

The purple should be connected to a reverse gear indicator line so it can detect when the vehicle is in reverse and turn the camera on.  Where it is will be dependant on your make and model but usually you can find it with a voltmeter coming out of the fuse box.  You can also search the internet for your vehicle.  I personally would have designed the audio system to detect when the camera turns on and wire the camera into the reverse light so it powers on in reverse as this wire is much easier to find than the reverse gear.

Similar problem but with the orange wire for the backup camera. I've tried connecting to the yellow (constant power) and the Red (ignition wire power)!but each time I do I get "No signal" on the screen but the backup will work when put in reverse. Disconnect and you get a nice view of an iceberg.
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