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NDrive Stop working.

After synchronizing sd card to ensure latest updates using NPlus now nav doesn't start does anyone now/have files needed.

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I just did same thing. Now when I put sd card back in it says no maps found. I even tried to buy the update and it wouldn't let me. I put in a ticket with tech support. Please update if you find anything out. I will do the same.

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I did the same thing and Ndrive stop working
I called customer support for boss audio. They advised me to return radio to them so they could fix the problem. That's allot of work to take out radio ship it and then reinstall it when it comes back. I still have two tickets open. One with boss audio and one with ndrive. Before i take radio out I'm going to wait and see what kind of reply i get from both. I did find out from guy at boss that map sd cards are encrypted to the main unit. Anybody else talk with or email customer support?
Still waiting to hear from both of them.
It's been a week alreadyand no word from either one of them. How long has it been for you Steve?
Same amount. I guess they don't care about customer service or reviews.

They closed my ticket without a resolution or notifying me. GREAT SUPPORT.

I just looked at my ticket and it said same thing. That's too bad i really liked the radio all i wanted was to update the maps on it.
Exact samething here. No even able to do any update or download map. Now im stock with a "no map found". Ill wait a few days see if they gonna answer back.

I'm having the same problem is there a solution?

No. No news from them. F@#$ horible services.

I try to update map in my computer after I put the memory card in my computer when I put memory card in my car. it say no map found

Please give us a call at your earliest convenience so we can go over the steps you took to update. 805.751.4853

If you downloaded the program NPlus from we recommend contacting the NDrive support team to further assist you.

Paid almost $400 for a Boss card deck that showed up without Canada Maps on SD (bought in Canada) So now I'm looking at PAYING for Canada maps using that NDrive software....and reading posts online about how crappy it is scares me! Has anyone used NDrive and not corrupted there SD nav card.

This navigation crap must be great for Boss sales, if I read this ahead of time I would have purchased another brand.

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