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Touch screen broken

Boss audio have any replacement touchscreen technical support available? My Boss touchscreen are broken and I need to replace it!!!

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Need my touch screen replaced stopped working!

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Touch screen went out showing white screen
I need another screen, mine was stolen from me

Touch Screen Not Working, Unable To Use Any Of The Functions Without The Remote  

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my screen don't turn on I can only hear the radio I only see black on the screen can't see nothing
My radio still has sound and buttons light up but the screen is black and won't turn on

my Touch Screen is not working (sounds similar to Franklin Smith's problem).  Can only use the Remote to control the radio.  What can I do?

My screen is not working, showing a black screen and will not retract
The flip screen does not come out of the radio, I'm sure it's broken. It worked for a few times then it never worked after that. The radio's sound was worked somewhat. I need to send the radio back for repaired or replaced. I need an RA#. I need it to send it back. Thank you very much.
In regards to my flip screen my RA# 110637

I have an in dash BV9557 that the local Ford Dealership messed up watching DVDs about my specific vehicle as they disconnected the battery and reconnected the battery several times.  System worked fine taking it in, then I get a Blue screen sometimes skip to normal screen then black screen but mostly blue screen.  But can not get to any controls as the 7 inch touch screen is out. It plays the last FM radio station I was on as I cannot change it. I personally love the design and size of the BV9557.  Boss screwed the pooch when they discontinued it and went to smaller screens and too much crap plastic mechanical knob stuff. Would like Boss to remake the BV9557 in its original size and design. Except Video being 1040HD to 4K. Other than that, the BV9557 that I bought a decade ago had standard all the same features the current top end has. The old system even had 2 aux slots for a forward and rear camera though I never install them because at that time, cameras really sucked and you could not really see what you recorded that well. Now, completely different.

If anyone knows what the current replacement is for the BV9557, I would like to know. This system was the top end unit when I originally bought it. It was also put into the Bugatti Veyron that same year as the factory base standard unit.  My car is a 2006 Lincoln LS super Sport 3.9 liter V8 twin turbo Euro Rally version with launch and track control. It can out run the standard Mustangs with no problem. Not so much the new cobra, Shelby, Boss or Coyote versions. My LS only puts out 412 horse and 360 ft pounds. Just can not compete against a lighter sports car with 70 to 150 horse before modification and 25 to 75 more torque. All LS  models are automatics. with a slower low end shift cycle for 1st to 2nd and 2nd to 3rd. In truth, the torque is enough to skip second in right conditions which improves quarter by about .80  to 1:33 seconds on the quarter.

My touch screen will not flip out for use...i can use only the radio but my back up camera and touch screen is not able to be used...tried to do the hard reset button by sd card slot but that was no not have small kids so this system has only had myself to operate it it was professionally installed and only worked for 3 months...need this fixed!!

In my case, I was able to reset my unit and it is working again. But, already making plans to replace it with the new GPS $250 replacement version.

We tried the hard reset button located by sd card holder and it wasnt a successful with fixing the problem..i had hoped it would ..thanks though
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