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Need replacement radio not working

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Need information about how to send radio back not working

I returned defective radio to Fry's.  They took care of everything, not out of contract with BOSS, but out of Goodwill. 

It is ironic, almost a joke that Boss has no agreement (contract) with Fry's to cover the costs of uninstalling a just (paid for) installed defective BOSS radio, and then reinstalling another radio.  They did thought out of Goodwill.  You see as a disabled veteran I'm not able to uninstall and send radio to you.  Also I rely on the BOSS radio to make and receive phone calls due to my service related hearing loss.  Think about it if you were me---you buy and pay to have installed a BOSS radio from and by an authorized dealer, the radio malfunctioned, then BOSS is adamant during several phone calls to BOSS Tech service that I (you) have to return it to get fix. My (Your) disability prohibits removal, I (you) to to fry's whereupon they state they have not contract with BOSS to remove a Fry's installed defective BOSS radio-----but they do it out of GOODWILL.  Get my point, share this with supervision and management and iron this problem in your contract with authorized dealers, or you will have another bad review for sure.  

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The unit never powered up!  No help!!

I need a return package to return this radio
I need a return package to return. Speakers have no sound
Need address to return radio
Boss power supply is not working. I need address to return for replacement.

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Boss audio tech is a joke they provide no help.all they want is proof of receipt.ill never purchase no more of the junk the make

I have requested the returns policy and procedure to return a faulty amp on a SMC 90BB system. Please follow up and send me details of the requirements to return the amp for repair.

I got the speakers for a gift for Christmas I was trying to see about my warranty

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I purchased a Planet PNV 9650RC in November 2017. I installed it in January 2018 and it worked fine until March 5 2018 the audio became intermittent and start popping then no sound.I informed Boss and so far I'm getting ready to return it for repair. I will inform you of the result.

@RaymondBanton a return authorization was generated 2 days before you posted on this article. Please double check your ticket.

@Jamonta you have also been contacted through your own ticket, currently waiting on your response.

I post the Radio last Saturday. It should arrive Tomorrow. Thats Wednesday. March 14

@Raymond Banton - Thank you, please view your tickets to stay updated.

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