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First of all why don't these crap companies include complete wiring diagrams with these stereo units. I have a user manual with probably 20 + pages on using a new stereo that they obviously think will jump into the din opening and wire itself!  Damndest thing I have ever seen! Enough venting about cheap ass companies, where does the purple/white wire from the stereo labeled reverse connect? Is the light green brake labled wire part of using the backup camera circuit? i assume you power the camera from backup lights but where do you connect, at the transmission or pig tail off the light socket? does the purple/white connect to this hot feed to signal the head unit? These are critical points that should be provided by Boss Audio, not wasting my time with stupid tickets and forums! Thanks for any pointers!

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Agreed with above post.  I can get the backup camera to work, but not automatically.  I suspect that this has to do with the violet/white wire [not clearly directed in the manual].  Please let us know where to hook up this wire, and if this will allow the unit to display the backup camera automatically when the car is placed in reverse.

Also,  my unit does not remember my date and time settings when the vehicle is turned off.  Is this a function of the Yellow wire not being hot all the time?


I totally agree that the instructions for wiring a stereo is essentially useless! For example, what the heck is a "P. Cont"??? How about spelling out a few things? And where is the orange wire from my truck for illumination supposed to hook up to the BOSS unit? Surely the unit is suppose to dim at night like all other stereos, but if it doesn't hook up to my vehicle's illumination wire how does it do that? If you'd provide just a little bit of information maybe I could figure these things out, but you've left us completely on our own.

So I'll try and help you out having previously been an audio installer (Also, I do not now, nor ever have, worked for boss audio, and this is just a recommendation, no promises type of disclaimer. Aka, at your own risk, which if your installing on your own you know) Now, yes the violet should be the reverse turn on. So let's say your using the metro bbbpc camera. At the head unit side of the plug you would have the yellow connection as well as a red. The red is the reverse turn on signal you hooked up to your reverse light or reverse engage signal depending on your car. Take a look at the picture it might help. IF you DONT have a remote turn on with the yellow connection at the head unit side and only a video source, you'll need to find your reverse signal wire in your dash/main harness. Look at it may help. Use a military t tap connection and bridge that to your violet on harness to tell the head unit your in reverse. AGAIN this is a suggestion not a guarantee I WILL not be liable for any malfunction etc due to your installing on your vehicle. I am providing as a suggestion only. So now that I've warned you, you can't sue me. But this should help. Also, yellow (on the head unit harness, per the manual) is a constant 12v meaning even with car off, using your multimeter ( you do have one, right?) It will still show 12v. Red will only show 12v when ilkey is in ignition and it is turned to accessory/run. If they aren't hooked up correctly, your date and time and channels etc won't save correctly. Good luck and get a meter if you don't have one. It helps.
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After all the negatives no one has actually given a good answer. Here is how I wired the backup can to work.connected the violet white wire to the red out of video cable. At other end of video cable connect red wire to same +12v supply you use for camera. I used a tap at back up light on my explorer. I attached black of camera power to handy ground in tailgate.
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