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Nyne Bass Pro

My Nyne Bass Pro will not turn on, battery power shows 5 lights when I turn on the switch, nothing, not even the red power button on top. How do I reset it?

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Same issue here, is there a way to reset?

I have the same issue. Is the first comment really 9 months old with no response?

Unfortunately, I have the same problem. The Bass Pro worked for a while. Now it will not turn on at all. The on/of button is lit. The battery fully charged, but nothing happens. 

Has Customer Service shut down. Or will someone answer our questions about how to get this expensive but now worthless contraption working again?

Got my answer from Customer Service. Essentially they told me to go pound sand. 

My NYNE Bass Pro was a special box thrown together for sale only by Guitar Center. Customer Support has declined responsibility saying it is Guitar Center's problem. Guitar Center, on the other hand, has declined responsibility because they are just a retailer. 

My advice: Pay a little more and buy from a reputable manufacturer. For instance, BUY A BOSE PRODUCT! They stand by their products no matter where you buy them. If you do use a retailer for electronics, try buying from Best Buy and purchase their product service contract!

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