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Mounting stalks continue to be problematic but otherwise awesome!

I just wanted to drop a line and followup on a ticket I had from last summer.....mounting stalk on one speaker had broken.

I replaced the one that was broken with replacements sent to me (very quickly I might add..thanks for that)....

But quickly ended up having the second one break again.

Seems that the spot welds used on the stalks just arent enough to stand up to road harshness.

I ended up welding around the perimeter of where the plate meets the threaded tube....I kept the heat low enough where the chrome wasnt destroyed (it did did discolor though).....

So far so good.  

The spot welds seem to be the weak link. Might be good to have the OEM beef up those welds.

But otherwise, so far so good after a while using these speakers. I commute every day to work on the bike so they have been tested thoroughly! LOL

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Thank you David, we truly appreciate your feedback. I will forward this information to our development team.

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