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BV9358 - Bluetooth Issues

Still having issues at times only when connected with bluetooth. The radio will master reset, will have to reprogram channels, time, equalizer and re-establish Bluetooth hookup... Real pain in the a**. Anybody have this issue? Side note: was told to check wiring, that my ignition wire was not correct that it may be in wrong location using Metra harnesses. Well, went on a vacation, didn't start my van for nine days and all presets were still there. The radio turns on and off always with ignition on or off. Definitely believe it's some kind of software issue while streaming or whatever.

If a radio resets everytime you turn on your car you would need to double check the wiring. If your vehicle sat for 9 days and all your settings and presets were still there, that indicates the wiring is correct

However, if the unit is intermittently turning on and off, with the vehicle off. we would have you check your wiring. Please be 100% sure that you are running your power wires separately. 

RED wire needs to see a switched 12VDC .

YELLOW wire needs to see a constant 12VDC.

Please create a support ticket once you have checked your wiring.

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Raul Garcia again you're missing the point, the unit is *Not* turning on and off with the vehicle off. *ALL* of this is operating properly except the internment Bluetooth drop out(master reset). It's an internal issue not wiring. I've opened a ticket on this matter and the ticket has since been closed. I have also purchased another boss head unit and amplifier for my son's vehicle and the second day from being installed the amplifier has burnt up (boss riot R3400D) / (BV9986BI). This also has been correctly wired after meticulously going over every single option and making sure every single wire was in this correct designation. The amplifier was wired up with an amplifier wiring kit of 2 gauge wire, amp called for 4 gauge wire I went with 2 gauge wire. Everything by the book so to say. And every time someone comes back on this blog or writes and fills tickets out about their stuff failing you automatically assume that is something we did wrong. Boss used to be a trusted name, in my younger days I had a boss Mono Amplifier that freaking fire couldn't put it out it was an awesome amp. Well needless to say I'm about to close this rant down but as you know of now I'm extremely extremely disappointed in Boss products.

Create a Ticket for warranty service/exchange for the head unit and or any other unit you are experiencing problems with so we can service or exchange them.

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