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Radio plays but no sound come out the subwoofer

My RCA ports in back of radio that hook up to my subwoofer have no kind of power coming out of it I checked my wires my wires are good for my RCA cables my amp is on and no sound or base from my sub stop

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I'm having the same issue only mine was working in the middle of playing just stopped
@Jesse Chaves & Brandon Carrier. Check that your sub is not blown. Gently and slowly push down on the front of the cone with both hands about 1/2 an inch down. It should move with little resistance and go back to it's original position. If you hear a grinding, feel the cone rubbing against the edges, or it does not move at all then it's blown. My sub should take twice as much peak power as my amp but it was still blown last week and I'm currently in the process of exercising the wonderful warranty. Good luck guys!
After a month mine jus quit with no sound from my subs. All bought brand new. Checked the fuses they were good. Moved my ground to a better spot with sanding the paint off so it's on metal. Tried different rcas and still nothing. I know it's not my subs because I hooked up a different speaker to the amp and it won't make sound of that also. I even bought a new aftermarket head unit thinking my old one was bad. I'm lost any help I'd appreciate!! Here's a picture of the inside of my amp, I don't see anything wrong with it.
I’m having the exact same problem as the rest of you. The radio is currently working and sound WAS coming out for three months and then all of a sudden it stopped out of nowhere. I’ve checked the sub in the speakers and everything is fine. I’ve checked the fuses and I’ve unplugged and plugged the unit back in trying to reset it. Nothing has worked. Everything turns on and functions properly, everything works, but no sound is coming out and it’s extremely frustrating. Please help.
I had this problem as well. After trying every trick in the book, I had it looked at by a professional stereo installer and turns out the unit was bad. He put a new radio in and it worked immediately. File a ticket and get a replacement or a refund.
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