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Bluetooth Streaming constantly skipping Boss BN965BLC

Just purchased and installed a Boss BN965BLC.  When streaming from my G G6 it constantly skips.  My same phone works flawlessly on my other 3 vehicles which are uconnect and jensen systems.  Any ideas?  I've already unpaired/repaired several times, cleared my phone cache (which I have never had to do with my other audio/car systems)

El bluetooth no aparece en mi movil, mi sistema de audio es nievo no se por que no lo puedo conectar
Mi sistema de audio no lo puedo conectar al bt no me aparece en mi movil Es el boss 611UAB
I just installed mine a couple of days ago and mine has skipped occasionally as well. It's really unfortunate that a radio with this many features would occasionally fail to do the very thing it was purchased for... play music. Sure, it's just a few skips, but it's brand new. I would understand if it skipped after 5 years or so but brand new? Disappointing.
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