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USB/SD card

I am having trouble getting my USB port to play from my USB stick. Is there a certain format to use??? I am using Windows Media files. SD card ???

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I I am having issues with the usb and Sd feature
How do I download my pictures to my touch screen in dash from my g s 8 edge+?

My BN965BLC is playing my MicroSD card and USB flash drives. According to Tech Support I received the drives should be formatted to FAT32 and only MP3 music files be on the drives intended for music. Also there is a 32GB card size limit. I did all my songs in folders for each album. I've got about 1,000 songs and it fits on a 4GB card with room to spare.

However, I am also having some trouble. Not all songs are being grouped into the albums(folders) I've created and the names and titles displayed on the screen are being cut off with no apparent consistency. In the picture where it shows an album called Unknown, that is not an album I created. The Head Unit did and dumped the rest of the songs in it. You can also see where titles are cut off. 

I've got an email in to tech support following up on this problem.

I have a 16gb USB flash drive... currently I am having problems getting my MC500 to play my music files. I have put it on the calendar usb mode & nothing happens as if there is nothing to
Will only go up to 98 folders on the USB or SD card even though there is two hundred and some folders can't get it to play in tire selections

I was successful in getting my BOSS head unit to play wav and mp3 files. I settled on mp3 because they are much smaller in size and I couldn't tell a difference in the audio. I also learned a bit about the naming convention. If, in Windows File Explorer anyway, you right click on a song, select Properties and the Details you can edit a bunch of details about the song. Contributing Artist is the name that will show on your display, Album will display the name of the Album, you can add the track number and then sort the album(folder) on the track number. Honestly I don't know if the head unit gets the title from the name in File Explorer or in the Title field under Details. I do both and I haven't experimented. I believe it uses the actual file name. I usually put in the year and there is a lot of other info but it is not displayed on the head unit's screen. I also found out that my head unit is limited to a 32GB micro SD card and 99 separate folders/albums. I've never been given a discrete number for how many songs.

Tech support was also definite that the SD card should be formatted as FAT32 and have no pictures on it whatsoever.

I don't know how that jives with being able to have pictures show on the head unit. I haven't worried with that yet as I'm just trying to get all the albums to show and not have the information truncated. These are the two problems I'm working with tech support on.

To make inputting the information a little easier, when you click on a folder and all songs in that folder are listed, press CNTRL-A to select all the songs, right click, select properties, and then details. Now whatever information you input will be applied to every song in that group. So you can enter the Album name once, and if the Contributing Artist (Band) is the same for all the songs you can enter that once. The same is true for the year and whatever else you input.

Hope this helps.

BTW the same procedure holds true for a USB drive. One last thing I think I've noted is that if you have a music micro SD in your unit and you insert a USB drive, the head unit will default to the USB Drive. While icons for both will show on the display I found no way to select between the two. So, think of the micro SD card as a permanent solution that is temporarily set aside when a USB Drive is inserted.

I need an SD card for my Boss system since they ship that to me with map from Puerto Rico and for Europeans countries which is no good in Canada. Please send me a new SD card since it is 100% your mistake to sell this to a Canadian no common sense from the shipper at all.


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