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Suggested Features

My BN965BLC is my first Boss Audio unit and overall I am very pleased with it's performance and features. However, there are some tweaks that would really make it shine.

The GPS/SD Card/UPS Drive door scares me. I expect it to break off very quickly. I like the clean, concealed look and maybe it will last forever but it seems flimsy.

Exchange the Micro SD slot and the USB Drive slot. With having to hold the access door back it makes it tricky getting the Micro SD card installed. Give information in the manual as to correct orientation of the SD card when inserting it.

As best I can tell if one has an SD card installed for music and a USB Drive for music, the unit defaults to the USB Drive. I have found no way to select the Music Source between the SD card and the USB Drive. I see the symbols on the touch screen showing each is installed but touching them doesn't select the specific card.

So, 1) explain this function in the manual

2) Provide a way to switch between the SD card and the USB Drive

3) Also provide information on required formatting the cards e.g. FAT32, etc.

Provide more immediately accessible information on your website. For example:

1. List current OS (Operating System) Version of each unit.

2. How to on downloading and updating OS

3. Full wiring diagrams for each unit

4. Explanations of the unit connections. (Most are able to be figured out but some are not especially in regards to the camera) (Also if connection is expecting a ground (Parking Brake) or a voltage (Reverse)

5. Button on remote and head unit feature to adjust display brightness with remote.

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