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Boss MC500 remote not designed to power on unit

on the boss mc500 amp the real smart engineers here at boss audio couldn't figure out how to build their remote for the unit to power it on I would of fired these guys long ago There is a solution I drilled a small hole in face plate and installed a coiled length of wire that has two internal wire leads in it soldered the two leads to the with in the mc500 unit and connected a push button switch that is only on as long as you hold the button down and mounted the switch on my bike my amp is mpoounted behind one of my side covers and no way was I going to have to open up Sid cover every time I wanted to turn the stereo on so this is a very doable solution and the remote does turn unit off and switch between fm or usb or sd and controls volume and switches to next song or next station on radio Ive had this unit for over 5 years now and got np complaints except about the lame brain engineers who decided to put a hold down push button on off switch in the unit and then not make the remote able to power it on oh yea and the other dumb ass thing where is the antenna hook up for the radio well there aint one so after five plus years of having to have over 350 songs on an sd card to have variety I am going to solve the no antenna which means shit radio reception problem on this unit

Sounds like to me David Bryant you need a life since you got nothing better to do than post dumb ass comments in a conversation in this forum that is none of your business and I posted that so other people could do what i did to make a wired remotte for their ampĀ 

Sounds like you should apply for a job there...or get over yourself....

is it possible to install a remote microphone for BN965BLC system?

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