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Wow what a piece of crap

I have spent almost 4 months trying to figure out what was wrong with my truck.Because I would come out every morning in the stereo would not come on so I spent four months trying to figure out what was wrong with the memory with the wiring with everything that I could possibly come up with but never thought it was the stereo what a piece of crap the worst stereo I have ever owned in my life and I am 48 years old and I have wired hundreds of stereos. But this one I will tell you wow this one took the cake top of the line piece of junk worst stereo in the world never will buy another boss stereo as long as I live holy s***thank God I have not wasted my money on a piece of s*** stereo company my my my you people should be ashamed of yourself. I have heard up some junk stereos but you people take the number one spot. The tip is if you own one take it out immediately and smash it. the trick is don't buy it.
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