As long as the ASWC-1 is compatible with the vehicle, it will function with our stereo. The adapter will need to be connected to the vehicle first, then to the stereo. Please follow the standard installation instructions listed by the manufacturer (Axxess) to connect the ASWC to the vehicle. The BV9364B has 3 wires that are used for steering wheel controls. The KEY 1 or A, Key 2 or B, and the KEY GND. Locate these wires on the rear of the stereo and connect to the ASWC as follows:

BV9364B -The Axxess ASWC-1 will interface to our stereo as follows:

Key 2 or B will connect to the Brown/White wire on the 3.5mm adapter

Key 1 or A will connect to the solid Brown wire on the 3.5mm adapter

Key Gnd will connect to the vehicle chassis ground

**3.5mm pigtail is included with the Axxess ASWC-1***


Once the ASWC-1 is wired to the vehicle and stereo, you will need to access the SWC settings in the stereo menu. Once you have accessed the menu, you will see there is different icons spread throughout the screen.

1. Press the button labeled “Reset” in the lower left corner.

2. A message on the screen will appear asking to “please press steer, the 1st key”. Press the volume up button on the steering wheel.

3. Once the button has been pressed, the message will ask to choose the 1st key function on the screen. Press the icon with the music note with the (+) symbol. This is volume up.

4. The message on the screen will then ask to press the 2nd steering wheel key. Press volume down on the steering wheel.

5. Again, the message will change and ask you to choose the 2nd steering wheel function. Press the music note with the (-) symbol.

Repeat these steps until all the buttons on the steering wheel are programmed. When you have finished the programming, press the “OK” button to save the commands. Press the return arrow button to return to the main menu where you can test the functions of the steering wheel controls. If you have trouble assigning the commands in the SWC menu of the radio, recheck all your connections and verify that each wire is attached properly. In some vehicles, you may have to manually program the ASWC-1 to the vehicle. The Axxess manual will provide those instructions.

Call us at 805.322.8794 with any other questions regarding the steering wheel control functions.