Yellow - Constant (+12 V, always measures voltage regardless of key position)

Red - Accessory (+12 V, measures voltage when key is ACC or RUN positions)

Black - Ground (-, has continuity with chassis ground)

Blue - Antenna Output (+12 V, will output when the radio is turned on, usually for powered antennas, Can be used if the Blue/White wire isn’t available when you need to connect to a REM turn-on)

Blue/White - Amp Turn On (+12 V, wire for remote turn-on for amplifiers, or factory amplifiers that require a turn-on wire)

Orange - Illumination Input (+12 V Input, this is an input that is connected to the vehicles illumination circuit. When the headlights are switched on, the radios’ screen and/or buttons will dim)


White – Front Left Channel (+)

White/Black – Front Left Channel (-)

Gray – Front Right Channel (+)

Gray/Black – Front Right Channel (-)

Green – Rear Left Channel (+)

Green/Black – Rear Left Channel (-)

Purple – Rear Right Channel (+)

Purple/Black – Rear Right Channel (-)

When connecting speakers, always observe the correct polarity to the speaker, (i.e. Positive Terminal of the speaker should always be wired with the corresponding “+” signal from the radio or amp) if you find the stereo image sounds “unfocused” or lacking bass, one or more speakers are out of phase. Correcting the polarity connections will restore audio performance.