As long as the ASWC-1 is compatible with the vehicle, it will function with our stereo. The adapter will need to be connected to the vehicle first, then to the stereo. Please follow the standard installation instructions listed by the manufacturer (Axxess) to connect the ASWC to the vehicle. The BV9386NV has 3 wires that are used for steering wheel controls. The KEY 1 or A, Key 2 or B, and the KEY GND. Locate these wires on the rear of the stereo and connect to the ASWC as follows.


BV9386NV -The Axxess ASWC-1 will interface to our stereo as follows:

Key 1 or A will connect to the Brown/White wire on the 3.5mm adapter

Key 2 or B will connect to the solid Brown wire on the 3.5mm adapter

Key Gnd will connect to the vehicle chassis ground

**3.5mm pigtail is included with the Axxess ASWC-1***


Once the ASWC-1 is wired to the vehicle and stereo, you will need to access the SWC settings in the stereo menu. Once you have accessed the menu, you will see there is 6 key options that you can assign commands to. Key 1 can be Volume Up, Key 2 can be Volume Down, etc. Once you have assigned all the key commands, you would then press pair. The on screen prompts will ask you to press the Vol+ key on the steering wheel. After you have pressed that, it will ask you to press the second command key (Vol-) until all the commands have been entered. Press the home button in the upper right hand corner to return to the main menu. You may test all the commands you have programmed. Call us at 805.751.4853 with any other questions regarding the steering wheel control functions.