Set the smartphone to Camera mode

1. Using the smartphone, enable the internal camera function.

2. Align the lens of the camera directly onto the infrared LED emitter on the Remote Control Unit (RCU) for about  2 to 4 inch away.

3. The RCU should be visible from the smartphones LCD display, if not, realign the camera of the smartphone

4. While viewing the RCU LED emitter, press any buttons on the RCU, a flickering light should become visible for every button that is pressed.

If you see any type of faint blinking or flashing from the LED, there is no issue with the remote control.

However, if you don't  see blinking or flashing light of any kind, there may be an issue with the RCU.

It could be that the battery is drained out or the RCU itself s defective.

The RCU are normally available for sale. The product number of the Remote Control Unit (RCU) follows this format : <Product or Model Name>-RCU.

A dash separates the model name from the part code RCU.

Example: The Remote Control Unit product number of a certain BOSS Audio product BV9900 would like like this: BV9900-RCU