The system has a feature that will put the screen in a sleep mode, If you would like to have the sleep mode off you will need to make that change on the settings.


1. Press Ok top right button followed by MENU button right below.

2. Use the arrows on the left side  and  to navigate

3 . Enter setup mode.


4.Press OK and change to off


If the BCAM50 does not receive a constant power source, it will display low battery one the screen and shut off within seconds.
                Solution: Have it connected to the power supply that was provided in the packaging.

30 sec. Looping/turning off:

When the Motion Detect- is on, the looping will be anywhere from 25-30sec.
                Solution:  turn off the motion detection in order to record to its normal looping setting.
                Time loop recording has three options: 1 min.  3 min. and 5 min